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Institute of Industrial Engineers Chapter #902
University of Louisville
Speed Scientific School

Last updated: 11/04/03

Welcome to the University of Louisville's Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) Chapter #902. The IIE exists to further the field of Industrial Engineering as a whole. Our chapter furthers this goal by planning plant tours, sponsoring the annual egg drop contest for local middle schools and high schools, attending annual conferences, etc.

IIE Calender - What's Going On

IIE Activities - Work and Play

The Egg Drop Contest - There are some deadline changes, so check this page out.

T-Shirts - Do you have style? Ok, you're an engineering student, but you can still buy a T-Shirt from the IIE. For a pittance of $10, you may purchase an IIE T-Shirt. They are available in the Grad office (JS 203a). If no one is there, see an officer at the first available time.

IIE #902 2003-2004 Officers:

Cindy Edlin

Vice President
Tim Whitfill

Gary Overstreat
Mike Jackson
Web Master
James Mitchell
Faculty Advisor.
Dr. John Usher


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University of Louisville
UofL's Speed Scientific School
UofL's IE Department
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Region # 4
Regional V.P. -

IIE Officers - 852-0840
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Institute of Industrial Engineers
Student Chapter # 902
Speed Scientific School
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292