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IIE Egg Drop Contest


DEADLINE CHANGE: The entry form/money deadline has been changed from December 15th, 2004 to February 4th, 2005.

The Contest will start at 9:45am in front of the J.B. Speed Building.

Each year during Engineer's Days, the IIE sponsors an Egg Drop Contest for local high school students to participate. This year the contest will be held on Monday, February 21, 2005. The rules, deadlines, and entry form link is currently under construction but will be posted very soon. (link) Please read below and check out the Speed School Student Council web site for more details.

Description -The objective of this contest is to combine imagination with knowledge of physics to build a structure that will prevent a grade A large egg from breaking when dropped from increasing heights.

Egg Drop Kit - The Egg Drop Kit will contain the following:

6 Jumbo Craft Sticks

4 Small Craft Sticks

2 Twist Ties* (This has been changed from 5 to 2)

6 Small Safety Pins

12" of Yarn

1 Plastic Bag

9 Toothpicks

4 Pipe Cleaners

10 Cotton Puffs

1 8.5" x 11" Piece of Paper

Other than the above materials, Elmer's white or Elmer's wood glue will be the only outside material allowed in building the egg package.

The Contest - Each contestant must build a package from the above list. On the day of the contest the packages will be loaded with a grade A large egg provided by IIE. The completed Egg Drop Package will be dropped first from 8 feet. If the egg is broken or cracked the contestant is out of the contest. All packages with unbroken, un-cracked eggs will advance to the next round, which will increase to a height of 10 feet. This will continue up to 18 feet or until a winner is determined. In the event of a tie the co-winners will receive the average of the two levels of prize money (a tie for first will result in each winner receiving $40 etc.).

Prizes - The $100 in prize money breaks down as follows: $50 for 1st Place, $30 for 2nd Place, $20 for 3rd Place


1. All entrants must be high school students and do not have to be present to win.

2. Entrants can be an individual student or a two-person group only.

3. All entrants must submit an entry form and $5 on or before February 4th, 2005. Only one entry form and fee are required for two-person groups submitting one package. Expect a few days for entry processing and delivery of materials.

4. All completed Packages must be returned to IIE at the UofL J.B. Speed Building (the building with the semi-circle in front of it) Room 304 between Feb 14th-17th 2005. Any packages received after this will be charged a $5 late fee and $10 late fee on the day of the contest.

5. All entries must have contestants name and school clearly displayed (preferable by writing on package with black marker).

6. A student or two-person group may submit more than 1 package. Please send individual entry forms and fees for each Egg Drop Package.

7. All decisions of the IIE judges are final.

8. Ties will result in averaging out the prize money

9. The first drop will be from 8 feet, increasing by 2 feet each successive round.

10. ONLY THE MATERIALS PROVIDED IN THE EGG DROP KIT MAY BE USED TO BUILD THE EGG DROP PACKAGE. Other materials (besides glue) used to build the Egg Drop Package will result in disqualification. *Any completed Egg Drop project containing an egg will result in immediate disqualification.

11. Elmer's white or Elmer's wood glue may be used only to hold parts of the package together. Excessive amounts of glue may not be used as part of the structure of the Egg Drop Package (i.e. the packages may not be covered with glue) and will result in disqualification.

12. The final, submitted Egg Drop Package must be easy to open and secure. A set of instructions must be included to specifically show proper egg placement. The egg should easily fit into the package and the judges must be able to easily open the package to determine if the egg has cracked.

13. Prize money will be mailed out a couple of weeks after the contest to the winners' school.

14. Please check our website below for any updates or changes.

IF THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE E-MAIL THE UofL IIE AT: or call Dr. Usher at 502-852-0085


Egg Drop Contest Entry Form

Name(s): ______________________________________

High School: ___________________________________

Teacher: _______________________________________

School Address: ________________________________

City, State, Zip : ________________________________


Mail the Entry Form with the $5.00 entry fee to:

Egg Drop Contest

University of Louisville

Department of Industrial Engineering

J.B. Speed Building

Louisville, Ky. 40292

*Please make checks payable to the Institute of Industrial Engineers



I/We , ___________________and ________________ , have read the rules governing the 2005 IIE Egg Drop Contest and agree to follow them. I understand that failure to follow the rules will result in my disqualification and forfeiture of any prize money or any refund of all or part of my entry fee. Entrant's Signature(s) _________________________________________